Dydsz,/hypoderm685478.html,Women's,Off,Shoulder,Dress,62円,Go,truenorthgroupllc.com,Ball,Dots,Polka,Prom,Vintage,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women 62円 Dydsz Women's Vintage Off Shoulder Prom Dress Polka Dots Ball Go Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 62円 Dydsz Women's Vintage Off Shoulder Prom Dress Polka Dots Ball Go Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Dydsz Women's Vintage Off Shoulder Prom Ball Dots Go Dress Polka 買収 Dydsz,/hypoderm685478.html,Women's,Off,Shoulder,Dress,62円,Go,truenorthgroupllc.com,Ball,Dots,Polka,Prom,Vintage,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women Dydsz Women's Vintage Off Shoulder Prom Ball Dots Go Dress Polka 買収

Dydsz Women's Vintage 2020新作 Off Shoulder Prom Ball Dots Go Dress Polka 買収

Dydsz Women's Vintage Off Shoulder Prom Dress Polka Dots Ball Go


Dydsz Women's Vintage Off Shoulder Prom Dress Polka Dots Ball Go

Product description

Welcome To Dydsz
Dydsz Vintage Off the Shoulder Lace Up Polka Dots Tulle Ball Gown Tea-Length Prom Party Homecomiong Dresses for Women Juniors Evening Formal Gown

Gender:Womens,Teens/Teenager girls
Built-in Bra:Yes
Neckline:Off the SHoulder
Sleeve:Short Sleeves
Length:Tea Length
Back Design:Corset
Size Type(Our Brand):US Size 2-26W
Silhouette:A Line/Ball Gown
Embellishment:Polka Dots

1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website due to camera quality and monitor settings. Photos are taken in natural light with no flash.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
3. For accurate shipping please feel free to contact our customer service
4.If you want to rush the order. Please choose EXPEDITE and inform us the DATE of your big day in advance. That would be really appreciated.
5;Any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your service

Please pay more attention to the following details when returning
1.Please do not remove the tag.
2.Hang on the dress to make perfume fade away.
3.Packing the dress well in original bag.
4.Please return the dress within 7 days after receipt. Thanks for your kind understanding!

1.Bust _____Inch
2.Waist _____Inch
3.Hips _____Inch
4.Shoulder to Shoulder _____Inch
5.Shoulder to Floor(without shoes) _____Inch
6.Height(without shoes) _____Inch
7.Heels _____Inch

Washing care
1.Machine wash or hand wash cold water,hand wash recommended
2.Do not bleach
3.Hang to dry

Dydsz Women's Vintage Off Shoulder Prom Dress Polka Dots Ball Go

Party Games
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